L.O.R.D. location caterering

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One location for catering on the L.O.R.D. movie shoot was eight hours from base by road with no chance of back up - and no cell phone coverage!

Starting at 4.30 am and returning to the motel after 5.30 pm meant we had to reply upon sending messages to our suppliers. Then our own dinner needs to be prepared before bedtime and the call-sheet has not been sent through. Bother! Looks like another half hour is needed to find out how many must be fed for breakfast and if they will be at one location or two - all adds up to a tough challenge.

The great thing about catering for this 150 cast and crew, was the wonderful Chinese friends we made along the way and the spectacular scenery. What an amazing place to see the full moon come up and go down in the same working day.

Our staff were fantastic, doing long hours away from home and family. Not only were they working all day with their mates but rooming with them as well. Check the photos out...

L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is a 2016 Chinese computer animated motion capture action fantasy adventure film.

dsc02527 lord shoot 20170904 1570576922One of the locations is called Paradise and it’s not called that for nothing!
dsc02527 lord shoot 20170904 1570576922The other location was the deer park hill high above Queenstown.
dsc02527 lord shoot 20170904 1570576922Some wonderful Chinese friends