Wellyfest food

Food at Wellyfest 2018 - the Wellington Folk Festival

Currently we are getting prepared to provide you with our best service at the Wellington Folk Festival 2018. Like in the past years we are going to have a shop in the main marquee. Make sure you bring cash so you don’t miss out as there is no ATM on site. The venue is the Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, 562 Moores Valley Road, Wainuiomata, Wellington 5373.

Our special treats this year are freshly rolled sushi and home baked carrot cake. Once again the local craft beer from Garage Project in Wellington is going to be available and barista coffee if you like it hot.

You are encouraged to bring your own cup to keep the wastage down.

With our full cooked breakfast we fill your stomach and give you a good start into the day. We know you enjoy jamming all night and want to help you into a good day.

At night treat yourself to dinner … You have to cook any other day of the year so you deserve to just enjoy the Folk Festival and save yourself the hassle of cooking.

Please check out all the details below.

We are looking forward to serve you this Labour Weekend.


Please be prepared and withdraw money before you come to the festival, there is no ATM on site. We have no facility to accept card payments.


Saturday and Sunday


3pm until late

8am until late

8am until about 11am


Barista Coffee - from $5

Between Friday 3pm and Monday about 11am we serve you the whole barista coffee range including hot chocolate and chai latte. Choose between green and blue milk or soy milk as an alternative. Marshmallows can add some additional sweetness.

Hot drinks - $3

Tea and instant coffee is available. Choose from our tea range if you want to try something different to English Breakfast tea.

Cold drinks - from $3

We have a range of chilled soft drinks including diet coke, coke, sprite, fanta, lift, L&P, ginger beer, juice and water.

Alcoholic drinks

Wine and beer is sold so please make sure you bring your ID if you look under 25.

Check during the festival what we have available and the prices. We are going to have craft beer!


When the shop is open there is food available: hot and cold, sweet and savoury. Have a look and ask for special diet items if required.

Sushi - $5

This year new on the menu is freshly rolled sushi. Filled with salmon, vegetables or meat we can meet most dietary requirements with it like gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Please approach us.

Carrot Cake- $6

Home baked and delicious.

Slices - $4,  Muffins - $4

A range of slices and muffins will give you a choice to find a flavour you like.

Custard Squares

Sandwiches - $5

Our club sandwiches are filled with combinations of ham, corned beef, egg, beetroot, cheese, pineapple, lettuces, carrot, gherkins, tomatoes, chutney, mustard and mayonnaise.

Scones - $4

We bake the scones on site with varying flavours - savoury or sweet. You can enjoy them hot with butter.

Cookies - $3

Piece of fruit - $2

Hot food

Fish $4

Chips $4

Rice balls $5

Toasted sandwiches $6


Available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8am until about 10am.

Tea and toast - $5

Two slices of toast with butter or jam with a cup of tea or instant coffee.

Barista coffee and toast - $7.50

Two slices of toast with butter and jam and a cup of  barista coffee.

Hand held breakfast - $8 per roll

Purchase your hand held breakfast in the shop in the mornings.

Bacon and egg in bread roll.

Full cooked breakfast - adults: $18, children: $9

Please purchase your ticket for a full cooked breakfast at the shop till the night before. In the morning hand in your ticket at the shop till and we get your breakfast ready.

Hash Browns


Around lunchtime we sell:

Beef or fish burgers $6

Pies $6

Sausage rolls $5

Toasted sandwiches $6

Sushi $5

Soup $5

Filled baked potatoes $4

Ask for a salad and a roll and we prepare it fresh on request. - $6

Dinner - adults: $20, children: $10

Available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please purchase your ticket for your dinner at the shop anytime during the day. At night you hand in your ticket and are served at the buffet directly.


Butterflied roasted lamb with portobello mushroom stuffing


Roasted vegetable medley


Pasta salad
Green salad

Warm rolls


Roasted pork and apple sauce

Roasted potatoes

Cauliflower and carrot

Green salad

Bread rolls


Roasted rump of beef with horseradish and black pepper

Moroccan chickpea tagine
Skin on gourmet potatoes
Roasted vegetable medley
Green beans
Bread rolls