dsc06097 1 20171213 1990932322Jordon Luck reaches the climax of "Why does love do this to me"

The Kaipoi Carnival was next to kick our summer catering programme into a higher gear, rocking with the Shadow Puppoets and Jordan Luck.  A few days earlier, we were serving Denver leg venison was served with juniper berry, thyme and black pepper jus, at the Canterbury West Coast Deer Farmers annual velvet awards.


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When planning a Mexican themed wedding, we called upon our friends from abroad. One of our staff had been living in the southern USA and Mexico for a brief period and made friends with a Mexican chef named Robert. We had a few skype calls during which he generously gave us some recipes. With his tuition and some practice, we managed to produce an amazing meal which was enjoyed by 100 guests in an old woolshed in North Canterbury.

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DCS05929“Scones in her eyes” won the days for the Alliance Group at the Christchurch A and P Show

A busy November for Lovely Grub

We packed-out for seventeen days and 3 separate functions this month, starting with 3 days catering for 180 shooters at the South Island Down-the-line Champs at MacLeans Island. We needed to live on site at the Canterbury Clay Target Clubs range.

When completed, we relocated to Canterbury Park and set up for the corporate hospitality of the Alliance Group at the Christchurch A and P Show - we catered 835 lunches plus numerous morning and afternoon teas. We worked alongside chef Graham Hawkes who was doing sample tastings for the Alliance Group clients. Their rural clients enjoyed freshly prepared scones every morning with their tea and expresso coffee.

DCS05920Lovely Grub providing barrister coffee

After 3 days at the show we relocated back to the gun club for 3 days of the NSSA Sket tournament, followed by 6 days of the National Sket Championships. We were treated to some excellent shooting when the New Zealand Team challenged the Australian Team. Of the 130 shooters attending about 40 were from Australia. It was a real pleasure to cater for many of the guests who we have come to know very well over our 12 year relationship with the Canterbury Clay Target Club.

After 19 days away, we, with our truck and trailer finally returned to base.


DSC05108-Torpedo Spring ChallengePrize giving during Torpedo Spring Challenge 2017

Torpedo Spring Challenge - Geraldine

It was immediately obvious upon receiving the enquiry, that the logistics of service were going to be as important as providing a high-quality meal. The stipulation was to cater for 1700 competitors, including 130 special diets, in one and a half hours.

We put together a plan including a menu and layout drawings to which Jodie said “Yes”. We supplied: a choice of salmon, vegetarian or bacon frittata; three flavours of muffins and a homemade muesli cup with yoghurt; and a piece of fruit.  Competitors moved on with their tray-loads to the drinks marquee for coffee or orange juice.

As the breakfast was to be eaten while standing during prize giving, trays, that could be easily carried and eaten from, were considered essential. We chose a design with a two-cup holder and a flat surface for placing food, a serviette and a spork for eating the muesli.

‘Go Geraldine‘, put us onto the local high school, who were fundraising for a trip to Cambodia, to provide peak serving time staff - a win-win for all parties!

Lovely Grub, provided the food service and drinks marquees via Hire Pool. We were on location directing the setup from the Wednesday till the final pack up on Sunday.

Along with the competitors, we noticed and greatly appreciated the assistance and hospitality shown to us by the Geraldine community. Whether it was for small items, advice from the supermarket or just getting our ‘fixes’ from the coffee shop, everyone was so helpful.

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