DSC08591-2-Great NZ TrekPositioning the white truck at Matangi Station was tricky as the lay of the ground offered only one spot after the recent heavy rain. And we were to get only get one shot at it. Once in position, trek staff begin erecting the marquee for 330 guests

15,739 meals, eighteen 4.30 am starts, nine staff - these guys really rock, and four trucks, just for two jobs.

DSC08628-2-Great NZ TrekWorking half in darkness and sleeping in lots of different places makes 27 days is a long time to be away from home, friends and family. There is no supermarket at the end of the street either, so all supplies must be right on hand in our kitchen fleet. Full credit goes to the staff at Bidfood Dunedin and Timaru for the time and patience spent in packing and delivering our precious supplies - eight times! - to some of central Otago’s more remote backcountry stations.

Read on about our first part: the 2018 The Great New Zealand Trek.

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This wedding had strong Cook Island connections so amazing dancing and drumming entertainment were a treat along with a big hit with Taro in coconut milk. Right from our first arrival we were greeted by many family and friends who assisted our set-up in many ways. Their warmth was evident all night and we love going the extra mile when everyone makes it so easy.