How would you like your food served?

Lovely Grub offers all types of service: full table service; value meals; continuious finger food; and, special diets. We can also make up packages for corporate events, product launches, field days, production shoots, even routine meals.

Becuse we offer loads of flexibility over a very wide range of locations, 'one price fits all' menus are not possible. Once we learn about the types of service, menus and scale you are interested in, firm quotations will be given, often within minutes.

Full service - our top level of service for buffets, plattered or plated meals or continuous finger food.  Our service staff attend your tables, set with crockery and cutlery on white tablecloths.

Value meals - our less formal buffet service, usually for 60+ people and especially for the more budget minded.  Our service staff attend clothed buffet tables containing crockery and cutlery.  Disposable plates are optional.

Continuous finger food - great altenative to buffets. Consider how substantial this needs to be, especially if replacing meals. Ask us to advise on your selection from our range.

Canteen food - meals, usually three per day, can be provided routinely, days-on-end. Enquire for our full range of menus. We usually quote per head per day.

Special diets - it's normal for us to cater for rapidly widening food requirements. Please provide clear instructions. You may even prefer us to contact your guests.  Additional fees may apply to cover higher than normal costs.