Canterbury Crusaders

Canterbury Crusaders players receiving instruction on making Pavola

Canterbury Crusaders players receiving instruction on making Pavola

In February 2014 Lovely Grub had the pleasure of working with Todd Blackadder, Angus Gardiner and all of the staff that go together to make our mighty Canterbury Crusaders Rugby team that we are all so proud of. We had special dietry requirements that we had to work with to produce meals that were punchy with flavours and kept these players in top condition for the battles that were to face them in this coming season. We also had fun times with the team where we taught them how to make pavlovas then they had to replicate them for a team challenge. This ended with a dinner for all the teams familys and a judging of pavlovas took place with our function coordinator announcing the winners and the pavlovas being eaten and enjoyed by one and all. This was a productive and enjoyable week.

Godzone Adventure Race 2014


Saturday 15th March saw the  competors in the amazing and challenging Godzone multisport adventure race come together in Kaikoura for the awards dinner after they had done a gruelling week of sleepless nights battling weather and winds in the mountain ranges and on the sea around Kaikoura. The team must comprise of one woman and three men. This coastline is spectacular , rugged and very unforgiving with tired bodies, blistered feet and screaming mussels crossing the finish line to enjoy hot food,a  cold  Moa beer and a welcome rest and leg rub.

The prize giving dinner and award ceremony was held at the memorial hall in Kaikoura with Lovely Grub providing a carb packed, tasty  and very substancial dinner buffet for hungry weary competors. Our theme was kiwiana  and for dessert we decided on a small tub of Deep South ice cream, a baby lamington of  different flavours, apple shortcake in minature form, kiwi fruit puffs and our beloved and tricky to catch chocolate fish also in miniature form. There were smiles all around as people took this treasure trove to devour many coming back for seconds as this took them back to their naughty days of years gone by.

The winning team of Seagate was replicated this year once more so our congratulations go to them for all the dedication and hard work that goes into competing in a prestegious event such as this which involves 30% of entrys from overseas and 70% from New Zealand.

Once again we have shown our true dedication to location catering by providing nutricious and fuelling food for competitors in this specialist adventure racing situation. Special thanks go to Anna Bastion and her team for working with us on this occasion.

Maadi Cup 2014.

Maadi Cup Parade 2014

Maadi Cup Parade 2014

MAADI CUP was once again held in Twizel at Lake Ruatanawha, stunning weather blessed the event with keen and hungry competetors fronting at the buffet with storys of the days racing and the rivallery from battling teams kept us on our toes for the week. The procession marched past the High Country Lodge with much merriment and chanting by competing teams keen to outdo each other both on and off the water. Finals day arrived and extra food in hand the teams battled for the beloved Maadi Cup with Hamilton Boys being the victor. Moral to the story eat your greens all week and be a winner at the end.

Maadi Cup Parade 2014Winning Hamilton eight lining up for breakfast. Maadi Cup 2014

Maadi is not for the faint hearted as Lovely Grub catered for  over 7500 meals during 8 days of service. This was no mean feat considering we had only one day at base to reload supplys before both trucks and  trailers were on the road again heading south. We had just returned from catering for  the 300 competetors that participated in Godzone Adventure race in Kaikoura.


Next Maadi Cup 2015 Lovely Grub is heading North and are taking bookings at present with places filling fast so dont delay talk to us now with an exciting new venue in Leamington.

Spring Along With Lovely Grub

Alliance At The Christchurch Show


This year Lovely Grub had the pleasure of the company of Graeme Hawks as the  celebrity chef show casing some of Alliances fabulous New Zealand product, he created all manner of sample dishes  while the Lovely Grub chefs created our own master peices for the Alliance share holders.

Alliance have a premium spot overlooking the Stable Mate Arena where their clients are treated to a birdseye view of the proceedings.

 A full team of Alliance directors and clients enjoyed the juicy succulent ribeye steaks that were provided for their eating  enjoyment along with lovely seasonal fresh salads and fresh bakery breads and assorted condiments followed by a wonderful array of fresh fruits and assorted cakes and biscuits.

We served out on average 200 lunches per day. As well as morning and afternoon tea.

The key benefit for Alliance was the warm relaxed atmosphere that their show wary clients could enjoy and discuss the business of the upcoming season with Ross and the directors.

Air New Zealand

We had a flying start with Air New Zealand hosting a luncheon for 400 guests at two different sites at Christchurch Airport. The day began with an extreme spring storm which claimed many forests in the Canterbury region. Air New Zealands organising team was stranded in Auckland and considered cancelling the event but found Lovely Grub saved the day by already getting the luncheon delivered.


The benefit to the Air New Zealand team was the realiability of Lovely Grub to always get the food delivered no matter what barriers are put in our way.

French Fest Akaroa

Spring was a vibrant and exciting time in the french settlement of Akaroa where we catered for 250 participents at the French Fest sponsored by Piper Heidseik. This was breakfast, lunch and dinner and a fun time was had by all with the french waiters race taking centre stage along with some very mulit talented individuals entertaing the whole village and visitors. The reinactment of the french landing is always popular with Steve Le Lieve  as the french town cryer. It is always Lovely Grubs pleasure to team up with Paul Keen and his team from the Christchurch City Council when they are hosting these special events.


This left the council events team free to be able to focus on their event and have hot meals created on time and on location. Lovely Grub created a family environment in which the staff could relax and have some home comforts, we have a wonderful relationship with the events team as we have been working with them for the last 4 French Festivals.

Steam Scene

We had the pleasue of working at our favourite venue amongst all of the steam machines from years goneby to cater for a very colorful character for his 60th birthday where we started off by our function coordinator and her staff taking a ride and steering his vintage  traction engine. The night moved along quickly with all engines hissing and steaming at just the right moment keeping guests highly entertained.

We have been doing all manner of different birthday partys and wedding at various locations, unfortunately there are  just too many to mention.

This particular function stood out as being a favourite  as we can all relate to the well polished old owners and their machines.


 Canterbury Clay Target shooting

We have had the pleasure of working with Matt Falloon and Gavin Searle to run a shop at the gun club site at Chattertons Road for the South Island Down The Line Championship  and National Skeet Championship where we had the pleasure of guests from all over New Zealand and many parts of Australia, this lasted for 13 days in total and many new friends made from both sides of the tasman.

Lovely Grub takes great pride in making your people feel special ,by remembering  the little details. Like what coffee they drink or which event they take part in. Lovely Grub staff are always interested in your results, our staff love to make people feel at home and try to become part of your event

Wellington Folk Festival (Wellyfest)

This festival is held each year at Brookfield Scout Camp Wainuiomata ,which is situated in the very picturesk Moores Valley it lasts for 4 days. This year the food marquee had its own stage where our staff were treated to working with live music for the duration of the festival.At this we serve full cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with upwards of 500 guests on site.

This is location catering in its true sense Wellyfest gets all the benefits of an experienced location catering team.

For example the ability to

- provide quality food in a remote locations over public holidays

- working long hours in marginal conditions


Lovely Grub Congratulates Southern High Performance Rowers

Maadi Cup 2013

New Zealand's Govnor general, Jerry Mateparae, presents Womans Priemer Single Scull cup to Emma Twigg.Fiona Bourke 2nd Place ( subsequently Womans World Double Scull gold medalist in Sydney 2013) is the Lovely Grub connection.


"Southern RPC Power to Premiere Titles" - The Press 25/02/2013



Lovely Grub congratulates our client, the Southern R P C and their rowers on their splendid achievements over this season.

  • 'Premier N Z mens single sculls' and 'N Z Rower Of The Year' - Nathan Cohen (Olympic Double Sculls Gold Medalist)
  • 'Premier N Z Womens  Single Sculls' - Fiona Bourke 2nd Place ( subsequently Womans World Double Scull gold medalist in Sydney 2013)
  • Red Coates were awarded to the following:
    • Armin Svoboda Jr, Jared Glue, Mark O Conner, Sam Bosworth (Coxswain)
    • Lucy Strack, Kristin Froude

Full details avaliable at

The Lovely Grub Connection

Lovely Grub has been with our family of Southern R P C rowers right from the beginning. It started with the Otago Championships,Canterbury Championships, South Island Championships and culminating with the National Championships for 12 days. It has been a real blast to work with these energetic high performing athletes. We have worked closley with the management and athletes to produce menus which fuel these winners. 

Maadi CupLovely Grub provided all of the athletes food requirements including special diets, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of there favourites being Gavins savoury scones and Judys Broccoli Salad.

During the nationals we also catered for evening meals for Tauranga Rowing Club and the Central R P C at different venues


Flexability was of the upmost importance as meal times would change dependent on the weather at the lake,coaching requirements and racing schedules.

For the final meal our rowers  hosted their familys, supporters and corporate guests to a celebration dinner on location at lake Ruataniwha .

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