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Special Christmas Roast

  • Full service or value buffet
  • Optional pre-dinner nibbles served to standing guests 3 per person
  • 3 mains
  • 2 vegetables
  • 3 salads
  • 2 desserts
  • 50 guest minimum


Optional selection of fast foods
Minced lamb kebabs with minted yogurt dipping sauce
Bruschetta, with onion marmalade and semi dried tomato, haloumi & tapenade
Half shelled mussels with sweet chili & pesto.
Filoettes with feta-fig & walnut, curried shrimp, caramelized onion & feta 
or choose from our nibbles list


Roast pork & apple sauce
Roast beef & horseradish sauce and rich brown gravy
Turkey & cranberry sauce or whole baked fish with salsa


Tiny taties tossed in pesto butter or roasted
A medley of cauliflower, carrot & broccoli


Tarragon, beetroot and feta
Asian peanut toss salad
A green salad


Plum duff
Ice cream and custard

Tea & coffee