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Sandwiches, rolls, soft or crustym Bruschetta, pumpernickel, pita with all sorts of yummy fillings, spreads and deli.  

  • Cocktail sandwiches & rolls
    • Smoked salmon, caper & dill triangles
    • Red salmon & green onion
    • Roast beef & cucumber mini sandwiches
    • Creamy egg lettuce
    • Pecan chicken salad
    • Nutty chicken ribbon sandwiches
  • Ham, mustard & gruyere
  • Brandied cheese on rye
  • Creamy smoked salmon pate with crusty bread
  • Bruschetta onion marmalade & semi dried tomato, haloumi & tapenade
  • Turkey, brie and cranberry on pumpernickel rounds
  • Roasted red pepper dip with crostini (and other flavours)
  • Mini pita breads with feta & pesto (and other flavours)