Winton Wedding

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PRICE $66.00 Inc GST

(Plattered table service)
Each guest receives a small serving of all foods listed on decorated platters.
Nibbles served to standing guests pre dinner.


(2.5 items per person served to your guests.)
Mini spring rolls, vegetarian samosas,
Chinese parcels served with a mild sweet chili sauce,
A variety of cocktail sandwiches,
Lamb kebabs with a minted yoghurt dipping sauce,
Prunes, apricots, figs, dates on camembert cheese.


Mushroom vol vaunts served on a bed of colored lettuce with tomato wedges garnished with sprouts & red pepper.
Half shell mussels with sweet chilli & pesto served  with freshly baked crusty bread garnished with fennel & lemon wedges.


Grilled salmon steaks marinated in lemon juice, pepper & a dash of Tabasco.(app. 65gms )
Stuffed rib eye steak. Filling is fresh snipped herbs & spring onions. The steaklet will be basted in horseradish sauce with a pepper crust. (app 90 gms cooked.)Can be made gluten free.
Spinach & pumpkin ravioli with herb & tomato sauce.(app.50 gms)
Gourmet minted potatoes 
medley of carrot, broccoli and cauliflower.
A mixed garden salad.


Cheese cake (flavors optional)
 Brandy snaps
A fresh fruit salad

Tea & coffee