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Saturday 15th March saw the competitors in the amazing and challenging Godzone multisport adventure race come together in Kaikoura for the awards dinner. They had just completed a gruelling week of sleepless nights battling weather and winds in the mountain ranges and on the sea around Kaikoura. The coastline is spectacular, rugged and very unforgiving

Each team must comprise of one woman and three men, who, with tired bodies, blistered feet and screaming muscles crossed the finish line to enjoy hot food, a cold Moa beer and a welcome rest and leg rub.

The prize giving dinner and award ceremony were held at the memorial hall in Kaikoura. Lovely Grub provided a carb packed, tasty and very substantial dinner buffet for hungry weary competitors. Our theme was kiwiana. For dessert we decided on a small tub of Deep South ice cream, a different flavoured baby lamington, shortcake in miniature form, kiwi fruit puffs and our beloved and tricky-to-catch chocolate fish - also in miniature form.

There were smiles all around as people took this treasure trove to devour, many coming back for seconds. as if back to their naughty days of years gone by.

The winning team of Seagate was replicated this year, so our congratulations go to them for all the dedication and hard work that goes into competing in a prestigious event attracting 30% overseas entries.

Once again we have shown our true dedication to location catering by providing nutritious and fuelling food for competitors in this specialist adventure racing situation. Special thanks go to Anna Bastion and her team for working with us on this occasion.