004 reefton weddingMarquee wedding in the upper Grey Valley near Reefton - Mai Mai Valley Road

Lovely Grub catered for an Akaroa wedding and then the next day, 336kms away, this marquee wedding in a Reefton farm paddock. One hundred and thirty guests attended a splendid affair on the banks of the river.

This tight time-frame was achieved by splitting a team from the Akaroa wedding at 6.30 pm Friday. They headed-off in the green truck to Reefton, where accommodation was arranged. The remaining team in the white truck followed the next morning. The advanced team arrived just after midnight and were on location by 7.30 am Saturday, setting up ready for the second team's arrival at 12:30 pm.  

This is a fine example of what can be achieved with good logistical planning and a great team of staff dedicated to serving the customer.