Fruit Skewers With Yoghurt & Lemon Sauce
Frosted Apricot Cherry & Walnut Slice
Chocolate Mousse Cups –Lemon, Wild Berry, Mango, Vanilla 
Short Cake - Apple - Apricot, Berry 
Profiteroles - With Custard Or Cream or kiwifruit flavour for a real treat. Why not add a liquer to the filling,eg coconut or melon,coffee etc
Fresh Fruit Tartlets ( creamy patisserie with fresh strawberries or berries,apricot etc)
Truffles - Can Be Served On Trees With A Wide Variety Of Liquor Flavors
And Shapes.




Cucumber Rounds With Herbed Creamed Cheese
Filo Ettes – Chicken & Beetroot, Curried Shrimp, Caramelized Onion.
Pimiento Corn & Bacon Spirals



Black Pepper Crepe Roulade Filled With Smoked Chicken,
Avocado & Rocket
Tuscan Pumpkin & Almond
Herbed Goats Cheese


Or your choice of fillings & crepes (these can be different flavours)


Warm From The Oven

Gutsy Little Mouthfuls - Black Olives, Red Pepper Pesto, Basil
Mini Pizza Swirls
Lamb Riblets With Plum sauce & Rosemary 
Baby Potatoes On Tooth Picks In Pesto Butter
Mushroom Palmiers



Tuna & Cucumber Mini Maki
Smoked Salmon Variation
Chicken Teriyaki
Californian Hand Rolls

Tuna & Cucumber Mini Maki 
Smoked Salmon Variation 
Chicken Teriyaki 
Californian Hand Rolls


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