Corporate Functions

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Catering for field days, sale days etc

We manage our corporate client ‘s hospitality needs to their fullest expectations.

Lovely Grub has 20 years' experience servicing corporate hospitality clients in such places as the South Island Field Days, The Christchurch A& P Show, product launches and sale days.

Stanfield stag sale day at Bangor Station

We have worked for the following clients, Dow Agro Sciences, Alliance Group Ltd, Claas Harvest Centre, Blackwell Motors Ltd, BNZ Partners, Black Cat Cruises, Cochrane’s of Canterbury, PGG Wrightson Ltd, Ravensdown and many others.

Aspects of Lovely Grub’s experience you will require when planning your next event are:

  • We supply creative  cost effective menu design.
  • Flexibility when catering for unknown numbers.
  • Lovely Grub has the smiling staff and a vast range of different equipment to suit their wide range of client needs.
  • We have vast experience of working embedded in large events such as the Christchurch Show etc.

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